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Our Team

JPA offers our customers a team of specialists with extensive experience in the non-profit and religious insurance market. JPA customers know that no other agency can provide the experience that our agents have! Our staff is dedicated to the type of specialized protection we offer. We recognize that our agency exists because of and for our customers; everything we do is done with that principal in mind! We pride ourselves on great service. You may reach the JPA Insurance agency by calling 888-829-6505. To reach a particular member of our team select the extension listed below.

Joe Pekala, Emeritus  – joe.pekala@insurancejpa.com

Phil Swartley, Vice President  – phils@covenantcares.com

Stephanie Stitler, Service – service@insurancejpa.com

Claims (new or previously reported)  – service@insurancejpa.com

Tiffiany Potichko, Group Billing  – billing@insurancejpa.com

Jack McGonigle, Sales – sales@insurancejpa.com

Introduction to JPA

Most people think choosing an insurance agency should be an easy task. Pick the one that offers you the lowest price, right? Well that’s not necessarily the case. There are typically two types of agents;

Direct Writers: Direct writers are insurance companies that hire their own sales people to work for and write exclusively for that one company; they only work for the insurance company that employs them. The agents typically only have one insurance company to offer to their customers. Church Mutual and ARM are just a few examples of a direct writing insurance company.

Independent Agents: Independent agents work for the insured, not the insurance company. They do, however, have contracts with multiple insurance companies and can usually offer more options for the customer to consider.

JPA is an independent insurance agency that specializes in insuring non-profit and religious organizations. Unlike an agent that works for a “direct writer insurance company,” at JPA we work on behalf of our clients! Everything we do is done with that in mind!

Our Commitment to Our Customers

For over 40 years, JPA agents have been tailoring insurance programs to protect the needs of non-profit and religious organizations. JPA agents have the experience to help address the unique risks facing each non-profit and religious organization.

Combined, JPA agents have over 100 years of experience specializing in insuring non-profit and religious organizations. Our agents have crafted insurance programs for hundreds of houses of worship, schools, camps, and other non-profit organizations. Our office has personally developed individual insurance policies as well as group programs for organizations of all sizes, and in the case of houses of worship, all religious beliefs.