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What Our Church Insurance Customers Say About Us

Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Pennsylvania Conference

“At this time I would like to express appreciation for the service you and your staff have provided to me and the Pennsylvania Conference. During the past two and a half years, I have enjoyed working with your staff. Each individual I have spoke to in your office, was helpful, considerate, friendly, and kind. They each showed a level of professionalism that surpassed all expectations, while having a Christian attitude. I have enjoyed brief personal conversations that have made them feel more like friends than business associates. Thank you for your commitment to God’s work by helping church organization with their growing insurance needs.” — Karen E. Schneider, Associate Treasurer

Pennsylvania Council of Churches, Harrisburg, PA

“Please accept my reference in regards to Joe Pekala. Joe has handled our accounts for several years, as business manager for the council I have been fortunate to work with Joe for the past six years. I feel customer service is very important. In the past few years we have submitted a few claims. The claims were accepted, processed, and paid in a timely manner. If I had any concerns or questions, Joe was there to work out any details through the proper departments. I found it very comforting to work with Joe. His attitude and business approach to the customer is both professional and friendly. I feel any company who has Joe Pekala to handle their account, should have a pleasant business relationship.” — Janet A. Gulick, Business Manager

Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Inc., Philadelphia, PA

“It gives me great pleasure to write this letter recommending Joe Pekala as a capable and qualified insurance agent. Joe has and continues to serve as the primary insurance agent for our national and international headquarters’ church located in Philadelphia, PA. Not only does Joe cover our local holdings in the Philadelphia and tri-state area, he also functions as an insurance advisor for our vast properties throughout the country. Despite having a sundry of properties and voluminous issues for each of them, Joe always finds the time to provide advice and coverage when necessary-even if his company does not offer the best rate in a particular locale, Joe has been forthright and helpful by directing us to another carrier. Despite an impressive clientele, Joe always make us feel that we’re his only client and that our needs come first-I believe all his clients share this sentiment. Joe is courteous, a prompt responder to requests, knowledgeable in his field, and accessible, these words only begin to paint the portrait of his professionalism. I highly recommend Joe to provide service to any organization of substantial size seeking insurance coverage. Indeed, without hesitation, I believe him to rank in the higher echelon of his field. If you have any concerns regarding this recommendation, I invite you to contact me at (215) 735-8982 ext. 145 or e-mail me at HRA173@aol.com.” — Nathaniel Alridge, Jr., Legal Department

Pennsylvania Conference Of Seventh-day Adventist, Reading PA

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time and effort you have put forth to make our transition […] very easy. I also wanted to just say that I have experienced a very positive attitude from our churches and their officers. Many have told me on several occasions of the immediate response from you and your office staff as they have reported claims, requested Certificates of Insurance or just had questions that needed answers. I would also like to express that we have experienced savings on our premiums that have caused some of our treasures to question if there had been some mistakes on the billing. I have assured them these were bona fide savings. So I just want to end by saying I am looking forward to working with your staff […] in the next few years. Also that you have done a lot to help the Pennsylvania Conference realize savings in our insurance needs while maintaining the highest quality of service.” — Larry Baker, Under Treasurer

Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York, Inc., Albany, NY

“This letter is for the purpose of informing you that the Pilgrim Holiness Church of NY, Inc and J. Pekala & Associates have had an ongoing solid business relationship for 20 years. We are very satisfied with the service and product that we have received over the last two decades. At the onset of our relationship Joe, along with his father, Stan has visited in each of our properties. Joe traveled to our locations across New York State. He made visits to our churches in Oh, PA, NJ, NC, and MA. Unfortunately, over the years we have had several claims from storms, fires and floods. Joe has always given us “top notch” attention. J. Pekala & Associates have always been there for us in providing excellent service. Joe has always been easily available when needed. In an ever changing insurance landscape, Joe, personally makes it a point to visit our Annual Conference each July to give necessary updates, explanations, and to field and answer questions that any of our church representatives may have. I can wholeheartedly recommend J. Pekala & Associates, Inc to you for all your insurance needs. They will do their best to really listen to you and try to assess what your needs are and attain the best coverage at the best price.” — Rev. John A. Peabody, Jr., Conference President Pilgrim Holiness Church of NY

Grace Brethren Church, Palmyra, PA

“It is my privilege to recommend to you Joe Pekala as your church insurance agent. I have known and been served by Joe for almost 10 years. I have consistently been impressed by Joe in three specific areas, his service, his knowledge, and his personal character. Joe’s service over the years has been exemplary. He knows his product well and the church insurance industry as a whole. I especially appreciate his ability to clearly express insurance options, explain the pros and cons of each option, and yet leave the final decision with the church. He has proven to be very honest in his dealings with us over the years. He is always pleasant and I enjoy my interactions with him in person and over the telephone. As a result, I have great confidence and am at peace with the insurance coverage of Palmyra Grace Brethren Church. It is without reservation that I recommend that you consider Joe Pekala.” — Pastor Joe Cosentino, Sr. Pastor

The Arc of Philadelphia, PA

“After a thorough review of brokers, we selected J. Pekala & Associates. Athough at the time our organization was not insured with J. Pekala & Associates, they assisted me in reviewing our organization’s health insurance coverage. Through Joe Pekala we were able to upgrade our health insurance coverage at a reduced cost. In addition to providing a comprehensive insurance program at an affordable premium, Joe and his office staff have responded promptly to questions, phone calls and emails. Based on our experience with his office, we have found this to be the norm and not the exception. Joe’s relationship with his customers reaches beyond a typical business relationship. I have no doubt our organization’s insurance needs will continued to be served well by J. Pekala & Associations, Inc. and I am confident in recommending them. You should consider meeting with Joe to see how he can help with your insurance needs.” — J. Bruce Hulick, Executive Director

The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, Emmaus, PA

“We were most impressed with the professional and knowledgeable manner of their representative, Joe Pekala. He has follow thru on everything in great detail and earned our trust and respect. It would be well worth your time to give him the courtesy of an appointment to review your current insurance coverage and solicit a quotation from him.” — Richard W. Giles, Business Manager

Calvary Bible Church, Mount Joy, PA

“Joe Pekala has provided Calvary Bible Church with a comprehensive insurance plan for a number of years. I have found Joe and Guide One to be very responsive to our requests and claims. Recently, we discovered some vandalism that resulted in two broken windows. As the case would be, the damage to one window was not noticed until we were replacing another window. Our policy has a $500 deductible per incident and by rights, could have required a second deductible to be paid. The insurance Company made the call to allow us to make one claim thereby saving Calvary Bible Church $500.00. I would recommend Guide One to any church looking to change insurance companies. Joe is A 1 as our agent and he and Guide One make a great team.” — R. Keith Vogt,Chairman of the Board of Deacons

Valley Baptist Church, Middletown, PA

“In May 1991 our church building was struck by lighting which resulted in severe loss by fire. I am writing this letter to express our appreciation and thanks to you for your continued interest in and concern for us. Your contacts with us personally and via mail helped us realize that Valley Baptist Church was more then a debit. To you we are people with needs and you performed your duties in a manner that exemplified caring and concern. And so, from the members of Valley Baptist Church and from me personally, we say thank you for a job well done.” — Colvin Jr., Pastor (retired around 1996)

Seventh-Day Adventist Church New York Conference, Syracuse, NY

“On behalf of our organization, the regional headquarters for the Seventh-Day Adventist Churches in Upstate New York, I would like to express my appreciation for the services that Mr. Joe Pekala, House of Worship Specialist […] has given our organization. The physical exposure of our conference consist of the regional office, 60 + churches, several schools, a high school and two camps! From the time we first began talking with Joe about insurance coverage, I was very impressed with his expertise in the field of insurance for church organizations […] Joe is very prompt in responding to his clients’ claims questions and needs. My calls to him have been returned very quickly even if he’s been out of his office. My experience with Joe has been very positive and I can sincerely recommend him to any organization looking for an outstanding insurance agent in this field.” — George W. Wheeler, Treasurer

River of Life Fellowship Church, Watertown, NY

“I would like to affirm our satisfaction with your agency and particularly the many quality services of Mr. Stan Pekala, House of Worship Specialist […] Our church is fully assured we will always receive excellent client services from your insurance agency. Your agency commitment to excellence means a lot to us.” — Henry Schick, Pastor